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Accessing Domey Academy Courses for Free

Accessing Domey Academy Courses for Free

by Njoroge Gitomeh -
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Free online learning

Domey Academy is offering all class 8 students a free online learning / revision platform. Access to this portal is going to be extendable every 30 days.  You need a valid email to be able to access the system. To access the system follow these steps:

  1. Create a free online by clicking here
  2. Go to your email, then find an email that comes from Domey Academy and confirm
  3. By confirming, you will be routed to Domey Academy learning portal
  4. In the portal, go to Dashboard and find a course called "KCPE Revision Kit (Free)"
  5. Click 'Enrol'
  6. Enter enrolment key 'KCPE_2020_a' 
  7. Start your revision